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Triangle Body Shape

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Do you have….

1. Shoulders - narrow

2. Hips/thigh - heavy/wide

3. Bust - small

4. Waist - small/medium

Take a long ruler /measuring yard stick. Put one end of it at the joint of the

shoulder and let it fall down naturally.

Look in the mirror . What do you see? There is a gap between your yardstick and your hips, i.e. your hips are narrower than your shoulders.

Confirm your body shape as per the shape posted above.

Upper half body - slim /narrow

Lower half body - wider

There are two schools of thought.

1.Dress as per your body silhouette

2.Dress as per other shapes to counter your body shape for a balanced look.

How to dress to balance your body shape.

Key: Take attention away from wide hips /thighs

Emphasis: Draw attention to small waist, sleeves, wide neckline

Focal Point: Create interest in front above waist.

Illusion: Volume in upper half body

Colour and Pattern.

Upper half body can be brighter, printed or bold to draw attention

Lower half body can be in darker shades , very tiny print (if at all), no horizontal lines, demure enough to not draw attention.


Heavy texture, brocade, velvet, jute, linen should be used for the top half body

Soft pliable fabric like crepe or soft silk, polyester can be used for bottom half body.

Lines and cuts.

Straight bold cuts for the top half body

Soft curved line as per body shape for lower half body.


Since waist is tiny , skirts and trousers with higher waistline can be worn. This will also create a length for the short legs.

Neck /shoulder

Create patterns and focal point near the shoulders and upper sleeves.

Yes : off shoulder, square neck, boat neck , deep U , bateau, square neck, cowl.

No: V shapes or narrow collars


Sleeves should be wider at shoulder/upper arm area and tapered/fitted near the wrist.


A-line , one piece


Short ,crop , details on top but not at hip.

Length till the widest point or shorter


Flared, high waist,

No tapered fit.


Length till mid thigh or longer

Cropped till waist

Coat can be fit & flare , empire, princess


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