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Green- a warm or a cool hue ??

If we go back to our colour class, we will recollect that a clear blue mixed with clear yellow in equal proportion makes a perfect neutral green.

Little more of the yellow and the green turns warmer and little more of the blue and green turns cooler.

As said earlier, individuals with warmer undertones can generally wear warmer greens better. But just taking colour into account is not enough. Do consider the value contrast and intensity before deciding on the final choice.

Warmer greens

Similarly, individuals with cooler undertones can generally wear the cooler greens better.

Cooler greens

Let me try and explain it in simple terms through the images above.

Deepika Padukone has warm skin undertone. There fore the bright kelly green (warmer hue) looks just amazing on her especially with a warmer colouring in makeup adding to the glamour quotient.

Karina Kapoor, on the other hand, has cooler skin undertone. Having porcelain skin colour and with soft cool subtle makeup, she looks outstanding in the emerald green (cooler hue) colour outfit.

Sonakshi Sinha has warm skin undertone. But, she is wearing cool green outfit. Also, the tint and intensity are high. Therefore, when you look at her, you tend to see the outfit first and her face later.

That is something we must avoid!!!

Most of the times models are deliberately made to wear clothes that mellow down their beauty and emphasizes the outfits. That way the buyer notices the product they wish to purchase. In real life, the opposite is true. We want others to see and acknowledge us first before making an impression with the clothes.

There are also greens which are neutral-like.

Eg. Shades of the khakhis or dull tones like the olive green .

They are worn very well by individuals who are having neither obviously warm nor obviously cool skin undertones.

There are also shades of greens that can be worn by all individuals without considering their undertones. They are Universal greens.

Eg. Chartreuse, all clear greens(no added colour to it) emerald, jade and some greens tilting on the cooler side.

The right green hue when worn in harmony with your personal colouring, contrast and intensity, you are at your best and you cannot not get noticed!

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