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Hour glass body...

Though there is no full proof measure to identify your body shape and no two body shapes are equal, I have tried to give broad outlines on the same.

Also lot of factors like ageing process and food habits lead to a change in body shape or certain body parts to increase or decrease. In this case, do take key factors from more than one body shape and try to implement them.

Do you have….

1. Shoulders - wide as hips (rounded)

2. Hips/thigh - wide as shoulders (rounded)

3. Bust – medium to large

4. Waist – tiny/small

Take a long ruler /measuring yard stick. Put one end of it at the joint of the

shoulder and let it fall down naturally.

Look in the mirror . What do you see?

There is no gap between your yardstick and your hips, i.e. your hips are in line with your shoulders and there is a definite deep indentation at the waist line.

Confirm your body shape as per the shape posted above.

Upper half body- equal and rounded

Lower half body – equal and rounded

There are two schools of thought.

1.Dress as per your body silhouette

2.Dress as per other shapes to counter your body shape for a balanced look.

How to dress to balance your body shape.

Key: Take attention away from heavy hips and thighs and bust

Emphasis: upper half body

Focal Point: waist line

Illusion: balanced look

Colour and Pattern

Lower half and upper half can be brighter, printed , bold enough to draw attention.

No pockets and detailing .

Top can be brighter, printed or bold to draw attention.

Overall body hugging outfits

Lines as per body shape highlighting waist like fitted tops , darts can be used.


Heavy texture, brocade, velvet, jute, linen should not be used.

Knits, spandex, body hugging fabric or softer smooth flowing fabric depending on whether you want to highlight your curves or hide them!


Skirts and trousers with emphasis on waistline can be worn.

Designs can be created at the waist.

Pants with wider belts.

Neckline / shoulder

Create patterns and focal point near the shoulders and upper sleeves if at all.

No:, square neck, boat neck , turtle neck or close round neck

Yes: V shapes ,U shapes


Sleeves in proportion and fitted


Flare from waist /hip.

No straight cuts or with undefined waist.

Full front open


Fitted, Peplum, front open with darts

length ending at hip bone.


Cigarette, straight, bootcut, boyfriend


Length can be till the hip,

trapeze, clean cut on top.

Avoid pockets, wide lapels, double breast style

Belts can show off your small waist.


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