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Born in Ahmedabad into the family in textile business, I took the plunge into the world of styling five years ago. My two sons and I opened a high fashioned e-boutique for men under the brand name of Ray & Dale in Mumbai to meet the needs of the new age fashion savvy Indian .

Having worked in the finance field for 25+ years with my husband, I have learnt a lot and experienced even more. Having a natural flair for fashion, a passion to style and the first hand experience spanning more than a decade in entrepreneurship, finance and fashion, I have now brought it all  under one roof through Image Consulting.

I am a certified Image Consultant and trained in the curriculum of Image Specialist Judith Rasband (CEO and Director of Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA),who is amongst the 10 prestigious certified Image Masters in the world.

Along with Image Management, I also certified as a COLOR COACH from Your Color Style from U S A.

 Colour Analysis is a relatively new concept and  is all about coordinating your personal colouring with outfit ideas and finding the best colours that enhance your looks & personality!

Today, I am competent and confident to redefine your style quotient . This is for every man and a woman at every level and age who want to dress in style, wear colours with confidence, understand the power of dressing and make elegance their everyday aspiration!

Begin with a small change  today...

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