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Updated: May 29, 2020

Undertones of your face

Undertones are the backward area or recessed areas of your face like the under eye, under nose and chin areas.

Undertones are of 3 kinds- Warm ,Cool and neutral like (mix of both or neither )

Why should I know about undertones...

It helps you in deciding colours that BEST suit you.

It helps to match your clothes, your lip colour or even your hair colour.

It guides you on what makeup i.e. eye shadows, foundation, lip colours you should buy as per your undertones.

It also helps you decide on the colour for your hair as per your skin undertone.

How to find your skin undertones. – Check the Image below .

Before you evaluate, do the following.

  1. Firstly ,the skin should be makeup free to see exact colouring of your -peach/blue/reddish complexion

  2. Drape the cool and warm hue fabrics closer to your face.

  3. Do see that the wall behind is white colour

  4. Do it in daylight preferably near the window.

  5. You can also take a picture of you wearing /applying the colours (lip colour).

  6. It gives you a better idea about the same instead of checking in the mirror!

Who are you? Warm or Cool Undertone?

Do not get disheartened if it is not possible to evaluate. Most Indians are medium to dark skinned with higher levels of melanin which makes it difficult to personally understand the skin tones.

Who are you?

What if you have neither clear warm or clear cool undertone?

A person can be warm or cool undertone but no one is ever a complete neutral.

People do tend to have a mix of the warm and the cool colouring in many cases.

So what should I wear?

Try wearing all warm colours/hue and take note

Try wearing all cool colours/hues and take note

Think of the times when you got compliments. What colours were you wearing? Maybe you can start from there.

Take pictures when you think you are looking good. Camera never lies.

Slowly you will start building up on your notes and follow a pattern.


There are certain colours that are called the GLOBAL/UNIVERSAL COLOURS. Everyone can wear these colours.

Navy Blue, Maroon, Burgandy, Green , Aqua green ,Teal , lime green ,dusky rose , blue-gray Pure Red, Pure Blue are some of the colours for everyone to wear.

...but the devil is in the details

Evaluating your skin undertones is the first step.

You also need to closely evaluate your hair & eye colour and the contrast (darkness or lightness) between all of them to match your outfits with you.

Your skin Intensity also plays a big role for correct evaluation here.


Skin undertone, value, contrast, Intensity of your personal colouring -all of these have to co-ordinate with your clothes , makeup and accessories in both men & women to have a haormonized look.

This is a broad understanding of the subject as a starting point......

Do check Colour Analysis details on my blog here...


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