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Monochromatic colour scheme

Is this colour scheme for you?

To begin with:

What is Monochromatic colour scheme?

This is a colour scheme where all the colours of your outfit are restricted to one colour panel (ranging from dark shade to light tints on the same panel) on the colour wheel.

What is a colour wheel?

Colour wheel is made of 12 pure colours with its tints, tones and shades.

Three primary colours as we all know: namely, RED, BLUE, YELLOW

Secondary colours of ORANGE, GREEN, VIOLET

Tertiary colours by mixing one primary and one secondary colours.

(To know more about it , read my next blog on How to use the Colour wheel)

Why the scheme?

It is a colour scheme created to appeal and look attractive for certain combination of personal colouring brought down into the clothes.

Who is it for?

Most apt for individual having light value contrast. (light/less difference between skin and hair colouring generally)

Each individual - man or woman have their own personal unique colouring of their skin undertone, overtone, eyes, hair colour and even teeth colour in some cases.

This colour scheme is for individuals having their personal colouring (your skin, hair, and eye colouring)in combination of:

1. light skin and light hair (like blonds)

2. Medium skin with light brown / brown hair

3. Dusky/ dark skin with dark brown/ black hair

How to wear the outfit?

  • All three or more colours (ranging from dark shades down to light tints )on the same colour panel of colour wheel can be worn in the outfit.

  • It can be paired with a neutral colour (like brown, khakhi, cream and shades of grey) in a 3 piece attire. Patterns & designs in clothes in this colouring can also be worn with a neutral colour.

  • It can be a 2 colour outfit with a third colour in the accessory like footwear or neck piece or even a neck tie.

  • Accessories for men like shoes, belt, tie and pocket square and lip colours , scarves, neck pieces and footwear for women also form part of the colour scheme and make the overall look more harmonized and unified.

Medium deep value contrast in monochromatic colour scheme

Some examples:

1. Citrus orange, orange and brown is darker value combo in this scheme.

2. Ivory, nude, peach make lighter value combo.

3. Ivory and cinnamon brown again make a deeper/higher value contrast (value contrast is the difference between skin and hair colouring generally) in this scheme.

4. Whereas peach, orange and milk chocolate brown make a medium value contrast in this scheme.

What else?

The intensity makes a difference. With bright intensity in an outfit, the colours look more vibrant and high contrast compared to the same colours in softer intensity.

Eg. Soft apricot, dull orange and muted brown make a softer intensity combo where as Citrus orange, orange and brown make a brighter intensity combination. Remember:

· Keep in mind your value(skin colouring) and the contrast in your personal colouring.

· The proportion of the colouring and the size of the patterns .

· The intensity plays a major role.

· Only one colour/ pattern should dominate the overall outfit to avoid conflict when looking at you from other person's perspective.

While choosing colours, also take into consideration whether the occasion is social or professional and choose colours as per your authority /level.

Please do connect with me in case of more information and/or queries and I will be happy to help.


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