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Intensity - How important is it in choosing the right clothes?

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

What is Chroma or Intensity?

In layman's term, we can say that it is the relative degree of brightness or dullness of a colour.

There are two kinds of Intensity by broad definition. Bright Intensity and Soft/Muted Intensity.

The intensity of your personal colouring is evaluated to harmonize the intensity of your clothing.

Bright Intensity:it is the purity of the colour without adding white or grey or black to it. It is colour in the pure form. Though,intensity is a degree of brightness in this case . It does not have clear cut slots of brightness but varies from colour to colour ,hue to hue.

eg Violet,Yellow, Red

Brighter colours are used more for social meetings and semi formal business meetings or events having indian wear as a dress code.

Soft or muted Intensity : These are colours that are dull, less saturated, and have grey /white/black added to it. The colour is muted by adding a achromatic neutral to create a soft intensity.

Though,intensity is a degree of softness in this case . It does not have clear cut slots of softness but varies from colour to colour ,hue to hue.

eg. Mauve, Khakhi, Rust

Softer colours are used in formal business meetings. Some of them also tend to be neutrals because of the muted intensity.

Colour Analysis has three main dimensions. Hue, Value and Intensity.

While evaluating your personal intensity, the brightness or softness of your facial features, eyes, and hair is generally taken into consideration. Based on the conclusion, the intensity of colour in the clothing is decided . Just wearing the right hue or right value or right intensity on its own does not help. T

Therefore it becomes very important to understand your personal intensity in addition to the undertone ,value and value contrast.

Priyanka Chopra is gorgeous looking and in the clothes with the right Intensity, she looks just "wow".

Colour Analysis, Draping of colours can be a way to know your best colours and intensity and also the colours that drain you. It also becomes a bench mark for future shopping!

Do read about on Colour Analysis on website and blog for further details.

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