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Can YOU wear a high contrast outfit?


How to wear deep contrast black and white colours in outfit for your medium contrast skin.

With a medium skin colouring , can you  wear extreme colours together ?
Sonam Kapoor in deep contrast outfit !

To begin with:

What is a contrast in terms of your personal colouring?

The lightness or the darkness of your facial , hair, eyes colour is called value , i.e. light value , medium value or dark value.

Eg. Your skin can be medium value or your hair can be dark or very dark value.

Contrast is a difference in lightness and darkness of this value.

Your skin colour (value) will have some contrast with your hair colour and /or eye colour or even teeth colour. Contrast can be less ( light), medium or deep (high). Observation:

Sonam has medium skin contrast since the skin colour in comparison to her hair colour creates a medium contrast.


• medium skin colour • dark almost black hair • The contrast created is medium and not very deep or very light • Outfit is deep contrast colours ( black and white)

Rule in general:

Thumb rule says that you wear the same contrast in your clothes as per your face and hair/eye contrast. So a person with deep contrast in their colouring should wear deep contrast ( black and white in this case) That means.....

Sonam Kapoor should not be wearing colours having extreme contrast like black and white.

For this reason, in the second picture (without sunglasses) she doesn't look wow.

And yet..

In the first picture , she is able to carry the black and white outfit very well. Why?

The secret here is her big black sunglasses!! The big black coloured sunglasses has created a deep contrast between her hair, skin and sunglasses and therefore she looks great!

Remember that deep contrast on face can wear deep contrast colours. Here she has created a deep contrast on her natural medium contrast personal colours.

The best look for medium contrast ......

If you are medium contrast in your personal colouring , you should wear a medium contrast in your outfit.

In this case Sonam looks very pretty in her grey - black out fit since it matches her personal colouring. This is because grey and black outfit creates a medium contrast like her face contrast!!

Hope this helps!!


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