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What is STYLE?

Style is an artistic combination of line/shape/fabric/pattern/colour put together to create an outfit.

What is difference between STYLE and FASHION?

Fashion is a new & popular trend in clothes, shoes, accessories etc. Fashion is followed and adapted into the personal style of an individual. It is started by Fashion creators/designers and gradually it spreads out which ultimately is followed by the people at large.

Style, on the other hand is an individual choice as how a person wants to presents himself as per his own individuality keeping in mind the fashion trends.


It is a style created by combining your

1.    physical body, i.e.  line & shape of the body.

2.    psychological thoughts and belief like your values, religion, surroundings and workplace.

3.    clothing choices showing your preferences for  the line, shape, colour , pattern and fabric of the outfit.

 What is SELF IMAGE?

Image is what you see and self image is an image of yourself in your own eyes.

Body Image is what you think of your own body in your own mind.

How are  Image and Style connected ?

How you perceive your body image directly affects the way you dress , the way others look at you and also the way they respond to you in a given situation or an occasion.

Eg. When you think less of yourself , your image in your eyes reduces . You become reclusive. You want to hide and not stand out. Therefore you dress also with your posture receding and trying very hard to blend in with the crowd. You wear subdued colours to hide in. The others look at you as a bystander and a non relevant person.

 Remember the saying '"Dress to be addressed””

What you wear and how you wear it has direct connection with how people think about you. Visual impression is 90% of your image. That does not mean you wear what you think is fashionable and trendy. Following the herd mentality does not win you brownie points. What is required is class and poise for people to look up to you.

Let us help you BE CONFIDENT & DRESS YOU  in style keeping in mind your likes and dislikes, your values and your roles and goals in life. 


Colour is the most powerful, complex, creative and confusing element in dressing.

There are more than 10 million colours and to a large extent people are exposed to or aware of very few colours.

Therefore their thought process of combining colours in the outfits is also very limited. In fact,this concept is not heard of by many.

This is my favourite topic and I have personally done lot of research on the same. 

COLOUR EVALUATION: What does it mean?

Colour Evaluation includes:

1.Understanding warm and cool Hues like the red,yellow,green, blue etc (colours as we know it)

2.Your Skin tones

3.Contrast in lightness and darkness of your facial features like the hair,skin eyes etc

4. Brightness and softness of your face

If you have the correct evaluation, your every shopping dilemma is sorted.

Does this colour suit me?

Am I looking heavy?

How to emphasis my figure?

I love red  but its not me.

Which colour bandi goes with by favourite purple kurta?

The shirt I picked on sale is still sitting in my wardrobe. What should I wear it with?

DO you know why some Colours look good on one person but washed out on the other. Why is it so?

Indian skin colouring by and large is made up of wheatish complexion with dark brown to black hair and eyes.

Yet, each colour significantly looks wow or washed out on each individual.

What is the reason?

There are 5 main reasons.

  • Colours make a dramatic difference when put against your personal colours of face and body.

  • Colours react to skin undertones.

Skin undertones are generally divided into warm, cool and a mix of both.

  • Colours create illusion and weight

Darker colours create an illusion of being heavy and lighter colour tend to feel lighter. 

  •  Colours tend to make a body part look slimmer or bulkier.

  • Colours create wrongful dominance. The right colour on right body part looks beautiful but the wrong colour on your not so perfect body part can create a disaster.